Coral Passion is a bricks and mortar licensed pet shop. We have some of the best quality marine fish in Essex, all fully quarantined for over 3 weeks before sale. We also offer premium mail order coral and invertebrates by post to all UK and most European locations.

We sell hard and soft coral colonies and frags, clams, and a selection of shrimps, snails, urchins and other ‘clean up crew’ to help keep your reef algae free as well as various other marine invertebrates.  We also stock a selection of dry goods, like reef salts, flake foods, pumps, LED lights and test kits.


Coral Passion obtain ecologically sourced livestock, supplying very high quality colourful corals and we also farm corals in-house, in a custom made aquaculture facility. Our marine fish system is split into 3 sections to provide enhanced bio security whilst ensuring optimum conditions for our marine fish. Coral Passion imports fish and other livestock consignments regularly from Indonesia, Africa, Philippines, Hawaii, Australia, South Pacific and many other tropical regions too.

We also offer bespoke aquarium installation services and aquarium maintenance too.