Red Sea REEFER DC skimmers (300, 600, 900) available at Coral Passion, Essex

Red Sea REEFER DC skimmers (300, 600, 900)

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Efficient. Quiet. Smart.

The REEFER DC Skimmers include self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water.


    The Self-Leveling feature is activated when the wetness of the foam in the neck exceeds the user-adjusted “over-skim” threshold. The intensity of the pump is immediately reduced to prevent the over-skim, and then carefully and gradually increased or decreased (according to the foam’s wetness), until the preset pump intensity is reached and stable skimming is restored.



    REEFER DC Skimmer 300 

    Height: 53cm / 21"

    Sicce Pump: PSK DC-1200

    Air flow (lph/gph): 500/130

    Water flow (lph/gph): 1000/265

    Power consumption: 20W


    REEFER DC Skimmer 600 

    Height: 56cm / 22"

    Sicce Pump: PSK DC-1200

    Air flow (lph/gph): 750/195

    Water flow (lph/gph): 1500/400

    Power consumption: 25W


    REEFER DC Skimmer 900 

    Height: 59cm / 23"

    Sicce Pump: PSK DC-1200

    Air flow (lph/gph): 900/235

    Water flow (lph/gph): 2000/530

    Power consumption: 30W


    Optimal Waste Removal

    The REEFER DC Skimmer features a combination of self-leveling tech, a PSK DC pump, proportionally sized venturi, a bubble diffusor and reaction body that optimises air-water contact time.


    Optimal Air/Water Ratio and Contact Time

    The diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the PSK DC pump across the skimmer cone, without reducing air or water flow.


    Sensor to Pump

    The REEFER DC Skimmers come with a dual-action solid-state sensor that monitors foam wetness and waste level, allowing the ReefRun Dual Controller to regulate the DC Pump accordingly.



    The REEFER DC Skimmers are exceptionally quiet due to the PSK DC Pump, rubber connectors and an air intake silencer.


    The app

    Dual Controller

    Connect both a REEFER DC Skimmer and a ReefRun DC Pump to your ReefRun Dual Controller.



    Prevents over-skimming by monitoring foam wetness and regulating the pump’s intensity, while maintaining maximal water and air flow at all times.


    Quick Actions

    The Reefer DC skimmer can be integrated into ReefBeat, allowing for customised Feed, Maintenance and Emergency mode Quick Actions.




    Allows you to set a customised daily schedule of active and inactive skimming periods.

    Peace of Mind

    Receive notifications when it is time to empty the collection cup or if the skimmer pump malfunctions.


    The REEFER DC Skimmer is run via the ReefRun Dual Controller, which is sold separately as it can also operate the ReefRun DC return pump at the same time.

    Combine them into your ReefBeat eco-system for more efficient reef-keeping.



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