Red Sea ReefRun DC skimmer Pump (5500, 7000, 9000) available at Coral Passion, Essex

Red Sea ReefRun DC skimmer Pump (5500, 7000, 9000)

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Quiet. Powerful. Smart.

The smart ReefRun DC Pumps can be set to a customised daily schedule, and come with 360-degree rotating outlets, inlet flow guides, extra-long power cables with convenient connectors next to the pump, and a 5-year warranty.


ReefRun DC Pump 5500 

Flow MIN - MAX: 2000-5500 l/h, 530-1450 US gph

Max height: 3.5m/11.5'

WATT: 10W-40W


ReefRun DC Pump 7000 

Flow MIN - MAX: 3000-7000 l/h, 800-1900 US gph

Max height: 5.0m/16.5'

WATT: 20W-65W


ReefRun DC Pump 9000 

Flow MIN - MAX: 4000-9000 l/h, 1000-2500 US gph

Max height: 7.0m/23'

WATT: 30W-95W


The app

Dual Controller

Connect both a REEFER DC Skimmer and a ReefRun DC Pump to your ReefRun Dual Controller.


Quick Actions

The Reefer DC skimmer can be integrated into ReefBeat, allowing for customised Feed, Maintenance and Emergency mode Quick Actions.

Peace of Mind

Be notified if your pump is running dry, disconnected or malfunctioning.


Set a customised daily schedule with varying intensities.


Linked Pumps

Run two ReefRun DC pumps with your Dual Controller and operate them as a single unit. 

Uniform Wave 

Set your pump to operate as a wave pump for use in closed loop wave instalments. 


The REEFER DC Skimmer is run via the ReefRun Dual Controller, which is sold separately as it can also operate the ReefRun DC return pump at the same time.

Combine them into your ReefBeat eco-system for more efficient reef-keeping.



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