Aquarium Systems Series 6 LED available at Coral Passion in Essex

Aquarium Systems Series 6 LED

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Series 6 LED unit is a professional LED system with its slim design profile, and six channel control so you have complete control of the colour and power of light over your aquarium.

The Series 6 free app allows you to control every spectrum you would need, including all the weather settings from sunrise to sunset, thunderstorm and cloudcover.
The Series 6 has interchangeable LEDs which allows you to completely customise the positioning of the LEDs.

  • Wifi built in.
  • 7 colours of LEDs fitted to give full spectrum light.
  • 6 controllable channels.
  • Android and IOS ready.
  • Attach with legs or suspend.
  • All replaceable LEDs.
  • Smart fans for LEDs temperature control ensuring optimal LEDs’ working conditions.
  • Energy efficient high powered CREE LEDs with 90 and 120 degree lens.