Red Sea ReefLED 50 Aquarium light available at Coral Passion in Essex

Red Sea ReefLED® 50 Light

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Red Sea ReefLED 50 LED Light

The Red Sea ReefLED has been the result of many years of research into LED technology to provide a user-friendly REEF-SPEC and Reef-Safe LED light to ensure coral growth and colouration.

The success of the Red Sea ReefLED light is down to the single compact central LED array, this is made up the multi-wavelength 23,000 Kelvin REEF-SPEC Blue and 8,000 Kelvin White. The REEF-SPEC Blue is a blend of blue, violet, and ultraviolet wavelengths to ensure an overall colour temperature to enable all corals to flourish.

Additional to this is the dedicated 3w moonlight channel to provide a low light reef-safe moonlight for night time viewing.

Red-Sea’s ReefLED includes a hollow optical- glass lens to ensure a homogenous light spread and spectrum to result in ideal PAR values without areas of light hotspots.

Controlling the Red Sea ReefLED light is a simple 2 stage set up using the Red Sea’s ReefBeat App, further features are available including sunrise, sunset, lunar cycle, random cloud cover and acclimation program for new aquariums. The ReefBeat app delivers useful notifications including power outage, loss of internet and changes in a setting which may be outside the Reef-Safe guidelines.

Red Sea’s ReefBeat app is not just an app to control your ReefLED the ReefBeat app is a platform to connect, control and manage all current and future Red Sea Smart Devices.

At a glance

50w Compact LED Array.

500 PAR at the surface, 100 PAR at 50cm Depth.

40w REEF-SPEC Blue, 10w 8,000K White and 3w Moonlight.

Dimensions, 12cm x 12cm x 5.2cm.

Ideal PAR and Spread up to 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

Reef-Safe and REEF-SPEC.

Built-in-Wi-Fi for direct internet connection.

Anti-Glare Recessed Lenses.

Hollow optical-glass lens.


Further information can be found on Red Sea's website: Click here


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