ATI Phosphate Stop available at Coral Passion in Essex

ATI Phosphate Stop (Phos Remover)

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ATI Phosphate Stop

ATI Phosphate Stop is an iron hydroxide based high efficiency phosphate absorber which quickly and efficiently removes phosphate and other substances from saltwater, freshwater, or pond water. Once bound phosphate will not leach out even when the material is exhausted.

Phosphate Stop is a simple and effective solution to high levels of phosphate.
Supplemented with phosphate, this line of water treatment offers a simple way to have a successful marine aquarium.

Phosphate Stop is an iron hydroxidbasis absorbent which removes the phosphate very effectively by sea water, fresh or pond water. This filter media is long lasting and avoids the phosphate release into the water. Therefore, the phosphate removed from the water cycle is no longer available and algae can not exercise their detrimental effect on corals.

Phosphate Stop is ideal for use in reef aquariums because it does not emit pollutants into the water.
The element phosphorus and its compounds are essential for many vital processes that are established in the tank. Increased levels of phosphorus, however, may be harmful or even toxic. Thus, the corals often react with a resolution of tissue to an increase in the concentration of phosphates.

The natural concentration of phosphate in sea water are 0.003 to 0.58 mg/l, as described in the scientific literature. In our aquariums, a limit of 0.1 mg/l (in the optimum range of 0.01 to 0.1 mg/l) should not be exceeded. This low concentration of phosphate allows a sustained growth of hard corals, preventing the uncontrolled proliferation of unwanted algae.
The most effective method to remove the phosphate from the water is the use of Ati Phosphate Stop, allowing you to remove the phosphates not emitting harmful substances into the water. This is a significant advantage over other methods.

The problem with other methods is that the phosphate is precipitated and remained lodged in the substrate. So it is not permanently removed from the system, but can continue to provide food for algae. The use of a carbon source such as alcohol can be problematic and can lead to an increase in the density of bacteria that can adversely affect the living resources of the aquarium.

Phosphate Stop is a simple and safe way to keep the content of phosphate in the optimum range.

Optimal for reef aquariums Phosphate Stop will not release adsorbed phosphate and other substances back into the water, even after the media is exhausted, is iron hydroxide-based and will not affect tank pH.

Reduces phosphate and other organics : Removes phosphate, silicate, arsenic, and other dissolved organic waste.

Helps reduce algae : Reduced levels of phosphate and other substances helps prevent algae formation.

Improves coral health : The reduction of biologic retardants leads to increased coral growth, better polyp extension, and enhanced coral colours.

Dosage : The amount of Phosphate Stop required depends on the phosphate concentration of your water. 50-150ml per 100 litres of water is a starting point and to ensure the phosphate level is not lowered too fast. Phosphate levels are to be checked regularly to determine the optimum amount of Phosphate Stop is used and to indicate when the filter material is to be exchanged.

Useage : Phosphate Stop is to be used in a filter net or phosphate filter, if used in a filter a fine filter wool should be used above and below the granulated material to avoid turbulance within the filter chamber. The granulated material should be rinsed before use with water to remove material wear during shipment. Filter nets are to be rinsed regularly outside of the aquarium with clean water and material in filters should be shaken at regular intervals.