Phosphate Marine Test Kit available at Coral Passion in Essex

Phosphate Marine Test Kit

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User-friendly colorimetric test provides a quick and reliable measurement of Phosphate in your aquarium, with accuracy of 0.1ppm PO4.

Red Sea’s colorimetric Phosphate  Marine Test kit provides a quick and reliable measurement of Phosphate in your aquarium to an accuracy of 0.1ppm PO4.

This test kit, in conjunction with Red Sea’s Nitrite/Nitrate test kit, enables dosing of NO3: PO4- X (Biological Nitrate and Phosphate reducer)

Red Sea Phosphate Marine Test Kit Includes 100 tests.

Red Sea Phosphate Marine Test Kit Specifications:

Test Name Accuracy Range Test Type No. of test
PO4 0.1 ppm 0-32 colormetic 100