Max NANO Complete Reef System available at Coral Passion in Essex

MAX® NANO Complete Reef System with cabinet.

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Red Sea MAX NANO 75 litre Reef system 

The 75 litre complete Plug & Play full REEF-SPEC unit with dynamic filtration and circulation system, rimless beveled edges and open top marine-spec tank provides all that is needed for aquarium hobbyists to begin building a unique, contemporary-styled reef system with state of the art equipment.

The rimless glass profile of the Red Sea MAX Nano in Black is seamlessly integrated with a stylish cabinet to create a unified, sleek look with discreet storage space that keeps in line with a strong contemporary feel throughout. The black laminate cabinet built into the sophisticated design of the aquarium, is finished with weather-proof Epoxy painted doors and a simple push-release opener, reinforced with solid stainless steel hinges.

The rear sump has been cleverly developed with a refined screen to hide the tank’s equipment. The feature is cleverly designed to disguise any unsightly components of the MAX Nano kit that you wish to remain hidden away. The integrated ultra-clear glass provides the owner with the ultimate viewing experience. A large area to admire the optical benefits of a crystal clear window. The MAX Nanos surface skimmer is built with removable comb section to facilitate easy cleaning, plus a pair of multi-directional eyeball nozzles return the flow to the aquarium whilst offering an easy-to-adjust feature to ensure there are no dead spots within the tank.

The MAX Nano also included a special built in 1.5 litre top up system to keep the aquarium running at its most efficient running level. This should last around 3 days.

The heart of the Filtration houses the highly-professional REEF-SPEC Nano protein skimmer – a component which features an adjustable outlet gate.

The Aqua Illumination Prime HD Unit has a unique built-in wifi system which allows the user to not only set daily on-off functions but also adjust maximum power outputs assigned to specific colour schemes. The smartphone-friendly controller is also compatible with tablets and wifi-enabled computers. . The rear-bolted LED unit can be rotated to give easy access at various positions around the aquarium. The Nano model uses one single 55 watt Prime HD LED unit which syncs flawlessly to the wifi controller.

At a Glance:

  • Size: 75 litre inc rear sump
  • Finish: Black
  • Modern aesthetic enhanced by a rimless glass structure
  • Incorporates a rear sump equipped with reef Spec filtration circulation system
  • Includes integrated power centre
  • LED lighting
  • Front and two side panels are constructed from ultra-clear low-iron glass
  • Professional surface skimmer enables water to rise to the sump
  • Circulation pump 1 x 950 LPH
  • Multi-directional eyeball nozzles
  • Contains the Red Sea NANO REEF-SPEC protein skimmer
  • Full spectrum advanced AI PRIME HD LED lighting system
  • Dmensions: Tank : L45cm x W45cm x H45cm, including cabinet total height is 132cm