Max E-170 LED (with ReefLED 90) collection only available at Coral Passion in Essex

MAX® E - 170 LED (with ReefLED 90)

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Fully Featured REEF-SPEC Open Top Reef Aquariums

The MAX® E-series combines a contemporary, rimless design with state of the art technology.
The fully-featured REEF-SPEC® MAX® E system provides everything necessary in order to enable you to enjoy the beauty and diversity of your own piece of thriving coral reef, rather than worrying about component selection, suitability and compatibility.

Advanced LED Lighting system with integrated WiFi

The MAX® E – Series incorporate the all-new ReefLED 90 LED lighting, providing the most up to date LED technology to give superb performance and a remarkably user-friendly interface.

The LED unit is firmly bolted to the aquarium and can be rotated to give easy access to the rear sump for all of the regular maintenance requirements or for reefscaping.

The MAX® E-170 reef aquarium system uses a single 90W ReefLED 90 unit while the MAX® E-260 reef aquarium system has 2 units that are seamlessly paired together by the Wi-Fi controller.

MAX® E-Series Revolutionary Modular Sump system (patent pending)

Dual sump options for total flexibility. The MAX® E-Series feature a unique sump system, enabling simple conversion of the integrated rear sump into a fully operational stand alone in-cabinet sump.

Start your reef with the built-in rear sump that houses the complete REEF-SPEC® filtration and circulation systems. If you decide to add additional equipment such as a calcium reactor, the modular filtration system can easily be expanded by installing an optional Red Sea in-cabinet sump.

Red Sea’s unique overflow system, with its fully regulated silent-flow downpipe (as used in the top-of–the-range S-Series), easily connects to the integrated multiport bulkhead without the need for any cutting, gluing or emptying of the entire aquarium.

The optional sump conversion kit includes a customized glass sump with a dedicated constant height skimmer chamber, a flow-regulated overflow system and an integrated automatic top up.

MAX E Sump

MAX® E-Series Ultra Clear Glass

The front and two side panels of the Max® E-Series are constructed from Ultra-Clear glass for the ultimate viewing experience. The 12mm thickness of the front panel allows us to avoid using bracing bars, enabling a clean rimless design with smart beveled edges top and bottom.

MAX® E-Series Circulation

Twin European Eco pumps used in the MAX® E-260 provide 4,300 l/h (1100g/h) of water flow, circulating the entire water volume 16 times an hour through the filter system. MAX® E-170 is equipped with 2150l/h pump. The flow is returned to the aquarium via the discrete multidirectional “eye ball” nozzles that can be adjusted to ensure there are no dead spots within the aquarium, preventing harmful detritus from building up on the corals.

MAX® E-Series Rear Sump

The MAX® E-Series aquariums are divided into 2 parts – Aquarium and the Rear Sump that discretely houses all of the filtration and circulation systems. The MAX® E-Series sumps contain multistage filtration consisting of a REEF-SPEC® protein skimmer, activated carbon and mechanical filter materials. The sump has dedicated space available for additional chemical filter media as well as the addition of a chiller.

MAX E- Filtration System

MAX® E-Series Protein Skimmer

The heart of the filtration system is the protein skimmer. The MSK 900 skimmer implements Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC® criteria for SPS corals, passing the entire volume of the aquarium water through the skimmer at least 3 times per hour and with a 3 to 1 water to air ratio. The design of MAX® E skimmers is not affected by the regular fluctuation in the water level of the rear sump due to evaporation and has an adjustable outlet gate to maintain the optimal skimmate consistency which will vary according to actual water conditions. The new skimmer pump and impellor run cooler and quieter than before and the built in silencer on the air intake does a great job of eliminating skimmer noise.

MAX® E-Series Media Rack

The rear sump includes a convenient media rack for Red Sea’s new highly adsorbent phosphate-free REEF-SPEC Carbon which is supplied with the MAX® E system, and has extra shelves for the easy addition of other chemical filter media.

Red Sea Max E media-rack

Chiller Ready Kit

The Red Sea MAX® E-Series sump has a dedicated place for the addition of a chiller pump as well as a convenient connection bracket for the chiller piping (Chiller and pipes are not supplied with the system).


Integrated Power Center

The MAX® E-Series incorporates the one-plug MAX® concept and features a power center with easy access to 7 individually switched power sockets for all system electrical sub-components. The power center is conveniently located in the cabinet and enables safe and easy control of all of the MAX® sub-systems.

Red Sea MaX E power center

The MAX® E-Series features the very latest in reef-keeping technology including the ReefLED 90 LED lighting with Wi-Fi control, REEF-SPEC® filtration and circulation systems, a revolutionary modular sump system and a one-plug control panel.


Red Sea MAX® E-Series Features

Red Sea MAX® E Model





System water volume

Combined aquarium and sump (not including optional sump for

170 L
(45 gal)

260 L
(69 gal)

Aquarium volume

Display tank

140 L
(37 gal)

213 L
(56 gal)

Rear Sump volume

Rear sump (MAX® E)

30 L
( 8 gal)

47 L
(13 gal)

Aquarium glass thickness

Ultra clear front and side panels

12 mm

12 mm

Surface skimmer

Built in Surface Skimmer with removable combs

Lighting system

ReefLED 90 (90W)*

1 unit

2 units

Lighting – standard configuration

Full spectrum with nominal total output



Lighting control

WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC.

Total circulation lph (gph)

Hidden circulation pumps (not including sump return)

1 x 2150 (570)

2 x 2150 (570)

Protein skimmer

MSK 900: 900 lph (240 gph) water flow – 250 lph (66 gph) air flow

Chiller installation kit

Fittings for easy chiller installation

Integrated power center

Individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories with Circuit Breaker

7 Outlets

7 Outlets

Mechanical filtration

Low density sponge filter media

Media Rack

For rear sump

Chemical filtration

High grade phosphate-free activated carbon

(7 oz)

(14 oz)

Cabinet frame

Marine Spec

Cabinet Compartments

Dedicated chiller compartment (not in E-170 if optional in–cabinet sump installed)


Display tank

60 cm

90 cm


Display tank

57.5 cm


57.5 cm



Display tank

55 cm




Total system height

(excluding LED light unit)

142 cm


142 cm


Optional In-Cabinet Sump

water volume

41 L

(11 gal)

46 L

(12 gal)

Water height

20 cm


20 cm


Skimmer chamber

32×30 cm


35×32 cm


Pump chamber

30×12 cm


35×12 cm


RO reservoir volume

5.4 L

(1.5 gal)

8 L

(2.1 gal)