Vitalis Marine Grazer available at Coral Passion in Essex

Vitalis Marine Grazer

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Vitalis (New Era) Marine Grazer

Vitalis (Formally New Era) has developed a product which is the first of its kind in the feeding of all tropical marine grazing species.

The new wheel-shaped MINI MarineGrazer is supplied in a pot which also contains a special suction fixing to be positioned half way down an aquarium panel.

The system then works as a feeding station for omnivorous marine grazers, such as surgeons, butterflies and angels, generating natural feeding behaviour and giving the home aquarist enhanced viewing of fish feeding.

Natural and sustainably sourced ingredients are fundamental to New Era’s fish nutrition strategy, combined with the company’s advanced manufacturing processes which utilise low temperature extrusion at low pressure and low speed.

The MINI MarineGrazer™ was developed by Vitalis following the success of its grazing log diet used in many of the world’s foremost public aquariums, including Dubai Mall Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and Sea Life Centres in the UK and Europe.