Live copepods

Live copepods

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Live copepods:

Lots of highly beneficial zoo plankton, excellent live food source for mandarins and other fish that require small prey items.

Copepods also help break down waste in aquariums and are widely regarded as a preventative and part of the solution to problems such as dinos in reef tanks. 

Why choose these copepods? They will offer: Natural and nutritious diet, these copepods are alive and fresh making a wholesome and enjoyable meal for your reef inhabitants. You can not get fresher than live and by feeding these copepods it will help keep your animals healthy and maintaining their vibrant colouration.

Micro-staff that do the work for you: These tiny animals consume waste and help bind nutrients, which all work to improve your water quality. 

Maintaining a healthy micro-ecology: Making copepods part of your reef system, they become part of the natural zoo plankton, keeping everything in balance and promoting a healthier eco-system. 

Boosting coral colours and health - copepods are not just for fish: Some corals vigorously feed on copepods, this encourages their colours and growth. 

Easy introduction: Simply cut the packet open and poor the copepods and water into your aquarium. 

These copepods will last more than 3 weeks if kept in your fridge at around 4c

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