Caulerpa Prolifera. Runner with five blades. Live marine algae.

Caulerpa Prolifera. Runner with five blades. Live marine algae.

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Caulerpa Prolifera, Runner with five blades.

This is a beautiful macroalgae species, offering long blades which can grow up to 20-30 cm long.

The fronds are attached to a thick rhizome which will attach itself to rock which means it will need to be restricted in the tank.

Grows fast and helps reduce nitrates and phosphates. 

We grow this in our commercial retail facility and use it in our sumps for farming corals as part of our filter system. It may come with various beneficial microfauna like amphipods, brittle starfish, bristle worms, copepods, spaghetti worms etc.

Due to postage, some of the aforementioned microfauna may die during transit, which can create a smell and some brown liquid, this is harmless - we recommend rinsing in salted aquarium water before adding to your aquarium. The algae will turn up looking limp and a bit like boiled vegetable - this is normal.

Rinse is salted aquarium water (do not rinse in tap water or reverse osmosis water) and put it into your sump/refugium with a decent light above it. In less than a week, it will recover from transit and start growing. 

Please note this will be compressed for postage and once received please loosen for better growth.

Grows best in sump or algae reactor with good flow and good lighting. Will post out 1st Class, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday only, and will send same day if have cleared payment by 4pm. Any questions please ask. If you require this sent to an address other than your billing address, email and telephone the business once you have placed your order. 

If we have risk of frost, postage will be delayed until night time temperatures are 3c or higher.

You are welcome to collect from our retail shop in Essex CM3 8EB.

No returns accepted on any livestock including caulerpa.