Absolute Marine Wormer+

Absolute Marine Wormer+

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Absolute Marine Wormer + 5g

This medication is most effective against outbreaks of External Skin & Gill Flukes, Fish Lice and Internal Gut Parasites such as Nematode Worms & Hexamita.

Not!! To be used in Aquariums containing Coral, Anemone, Rays, Shrimp, Snails & all other Crustaceans 

Dosage: Add 0.5g per 50gal (227L) of Aquarium water 

(1ml (0.5g) spoon provided).

How To Use: Dissolve required amount 500ml of aquarium water stir vigorously for 1min & distribute evenly throughout the aquarium or place into the inlet chamber of the sump. 

Turn protein skimmer, Ozone & UV sterilisers off for a minimum of 2hrs after treating with Wormer+, remove adsorbent filtration media (activated carbon, phosphate remover etc.), Always maintain a good oxygen supply.

Absolute Marine Fish Wormer+ uses flubendazole as it’s main active Ingredient this is a ready mixed powdered formula for the treatment of parasites such as Worms, Flukes and Protozoa. 

We recommend treating at regular intervals to maintain a healthy Aquarium. 

Use When: Fish start to show signs of weight loss although maintaining a healthy appetite, Fish may appear lethargic with loss of colour, often fins remain clamped, Fish may be spending unusual amounts of time at the surface. fish may also flick & rub.