CaribSea Aragamax Oolite Substrate 30lb available at Coral Passion in Essex

Caribsea Aragamax Oolite Substrate 30lb / 13.6kg

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Caribsea Aragamax Oolite Substrate 30LB (13.6kg). A very fine, very light in colour, sugar grain type sand approx 0.25 - 1mm

Ideal for Marine, Marine/reef deep sand bed filters, Reef or African Cichlids. For best results, use at least 1 LB per US Gallon (3.79 litres) of water.

All Caribsea Aragonite Substrates help buffer the pH high, delivers more calcium, carbonate and trace elements than any other substrate. Little or no rinsing is required due to the exceptionally clean substrate. The Aragonite Substrate keeps aquariums healthier for longer. Aragonite also helps to create a natural biological and mineralogical balance to discourage nuisance algaes but promotes healthy water purifying bacteria with incredible surface area.

A high quality substrate from Caribsea. The Aragamax Oolite Sand is a precision graded, dry Aragonite Sand. These range of substrates are recognized worldwide for their purity and precision. Caribsea produce some of the highest quality substrates currently available on the market. Caribsea ensure their substrates are carefully screened to be free from impurities such as ash, metals, pesticides and silica. Thus helping you the aquarist produce a safe and beautifully natural environment for your fish and inverts.

Please note these substrates will raise the pH of your aquarium so please check these substrates are suitable for your type of aquarium before use.