Job vacancies.jpgCoral Passion is an emporium for high quality marine livestock, some regular customers literally come hundreds of miles to visit, whilst others live much closer.

The company has a vision to grow, make money and expertly care for all animals whilst providing great customer service. Our goal is to be the best marine livestock retailer in Europe.

I am always interested to hear from individuals who want to be part of this vision, working for a successful growing company. Most importantly, you must love marine livestock and have a passion for the hobby that is reef-keeping.

February 2018 new part time position:

Vacancy at Coral Passion Essex CM3 8EB. I am looking for someone to work every Tuesday (1 day per week) must be able to start at 10:30am exact length of shift anywhere between 2-6 hours I am flexible. The primary purpose of this roll is to clean coral trays, fish system and filters, plus other duties as required.

For more details about working at Coral Passion including remuneration and required skills, see below:

Working at Coral Passion:

  • Brisk productive work, working intelligently with our end goals always in mind
  • Coral pampering
  • A knowledge of various equipment used and be able to advise customers on prospective purchases
  • Managing and fulfilling online orders and queries, occasionally dropping off parcels to the local courier depot
  • Cleaning algae from tanks
  • General tidying up and making sure the shop looks neat and presentable
  • A thirst to be better, continously improve, and positively react to feedback provided
  • Various other duties as required to advance the business
  • Possess a ‘can do’ attitude and a natural drive to be busy, with an ability to foresee and prioritise your tasks for that day and the week ahead
  • Experience is no where near as important as attitude, I am happy to offer training for the right people

Currently I am looking for part time contractors on a self employed basis. You will be responsible for paying your own tax.

Payment will be:

  • Adults aged 25 years and over, £7.85 per hour cash (or £9.42 per hour store credit).
  • Adults aged 21 to 24 years of age £7.40 per hour cash (or £8.88 per hour store credit).
  • Adults 18-20 years of age £5.95 per hour cash (or £7.14 per hour store credit)
  • 16 to 18 years of age £4.20 per hour cash (or £5.04 store credit per hour)
  • 14 to 16 years of age £3.70 per hour (or £4.44 store credit per hour).

Work frequency may be a few times per month or five days on some weeks during busy periods (if you’re available). You will be under no obligation to accept work and you are free to work on other contracts.

Our working week is Monday to Saturday.

Anyone interested is encouraged to pop in to the shop and introduce yourself to me, we can have an informal conversation and go from there.

Tony Brazao