VCA Salinity Probe Stability Kit available at Coral Passion in Essex

VCA Salinity Probe Stability Kit

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This kit must be utilised alongside a Neptune PMUP or Sicce Micra to utilise its function.

What’s Included:

  • Salinity Probe Stability  Assembly
  • 34in of 1/4in supply-line hose
  • 2-in-1 adapter for the Neptune PMUP or SICCE Micra (90 GPH version)


  • Important Installation Notes:

  • Must be supplied constant 60 to 100 GPH of flow.
  • Ideally, the supply line is fed by a small pump or manifold port after in-sump filtration.
  • Probe with SPS Kit can be installed in any area of your sump, overflow or drain chamber.


Further information can be found on Neptune System's website: Click here

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