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Aquarium Chiller (not a stock item delivery usually fulfilled within 5 working days).
The design and production of our chillers have been realised with the aim of ensuring a high level of quality for the customer, in terms of both the high-quality materials used and the choice of components.

High Refrigerating technology

The exclusive use of internationally recognised high-performance rotary compressors and of the titanium coaxial heat exchanger, ensures high performance and low energy consumption. The set of technologies used allows you to decrease noise levels and achieve the highest COP - coefficient of performance - contributing to remarkable energy savings.

Digital Thermostat

The setting of functions is intuitive and the temperature detection is accurate, resolution 0.1°C/0.2°F. The setting range is 0°-35°C (32°F -95°F) and there is a closed loop temperature control system with high accuracy and extremely tight differential (0.5°C/1°F). Displayed temperature is in °C or °F and there are security alarms. All TECO TK chillers from the TK 500 upwards can heat as well as chill.

Efficient Design

The chiller is characterised by a solid structure designed to provide a perfect protection against oxidation and it is therefore perfect to be used with salt water.

Unique Feature

These units are also suitable for industrial applications. The maintenance of the air filter is quick and easy. The heater and the UV-C lamp are standard on Heating version.

Technical Details

TECO’s TK 9000 aquarium chiller, the newest product in the TECO Tank TK chiller range, is now available in the UK. This was designed to fill the gap between the TK 6000 aquarium chiller and the TK 5K commercial chiller.
The TK 9000 has approximately 50% more cooling capacity than the TK 6000, but uses the same footprint as the TK 6000. This is achieved with a larger compressor, larger condenser, and larger exchanger. For those of you who are familiar with the TECO range of aquarium chillers, you will see that although the frame is the same size as the TK 6000, the exhaust grill protecting the condenser is approximately 30% larger. For aquarium use, this will maintain a system of up to 9,000 litres at up to 25 degrees Celsius.
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