Aqua Forest Stone fix available at Coral Passion in Essex

Aqua Forest Stone Fix 1.5kg

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Quickly bonding glue based on cement destined for joining together huge elements of live or ceramic rock. It does not contain toxic compounds which makes it 100% safe for fish and invertebrates. Method of use: small amount of glue should be mixed with water until you get homogeneous, plastic consistency.

Then you should start linking the elements immediately. Dry linking is recommended.

In case of necessity of linking under water you should switch off all circulatory and shut pumps, link individual elements and leave for bonding for 15 minutes.

Temporary water blushing will not be harmful. With large percentage of plants in aquarium, linking of no more than 2-3 elements a day is recommended because of the risk the sediment can slightly elevate water pH in aquarium.

Available in 1.5kg