SP 4800 dosing pump for continuous operation

SP 4800 dosing pump for continuous operation

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SP4800 - 1-channel dosing pump suitable for continuous operation.

Note, units are special order and not held in stock at Coral Passion. Delivery is approximately 5-10 working days to you, after you place your order.

The Grotech SP4800 is a dosing pump for automatic dosing of liquids.
This dosing pump was designed to supply slow-running filters or the calcium reactor in the marine aquarium as well as in the freshwater aquarium.
With the Grotech dosing pump SP4800, the dosing quantity or flow rate can be set on the rotary knob.
The dosing pumps of the SP series are characterised by very low power consumption as well as smooth running and low maintenance costs.
Durability, due to the synchronous motors used here.

Technical data:
Flow rate adjustable 500 - 4800ml/h
AC 235 V / 12W
Dimensions (lxwxh) 160 x 100 x 120mm

Made in Germany !
WEEE Reg. No. DE 35240640