Red Sea Reef LED 90 mounting arm available at Coral Passion in Essex

Red Sea Reef LED 90 mounting arm

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Red Sea ReefLED 90 Mounting Arm 62cm – 70cm

Red Sea’s ReefLED 90 Mounting Arms are a single arm design and attached firmly and securely to the rear of your aquarium.

The ReefLED mounting arm can be rotated to an upright position to aid In reefscaping and general tank maintenance. With 3 sizes Red Sea’s ReefLED mounting arms are suitable for aquariums with widths ranging from 46cm – 70cm and glass thickness between 8 – 19mm. Although the ReefLED mounting arms has been designed for Red Sea aquariums them are also suitable to mount on other similar open top aquariums.

At a glance

Suitable for aquariums between 62cm – 70cm

Designed for the ReefLED 90 Lights

Ideal for Reefer XXL 625 and 750

Strong, stable rear wall mounting

Upright rotation for easy aquarium maintenance.

Glass thickness between 8 – 19mm