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Marco Rock

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Marco Rock is the finest all natural aquarium rock available to the aquarium enthusiast today.

We recommend about 4-6 packs of Milliput to securely create safe and interesting aquascapes.

Our Key Largo Marco Rock is a once live natural reef rock. Often, you can spot fossilised ancient corals in the rocks. It comes to you pest and organic free.

Whether you are building a Saltwater fish only, a Reef tank or a Fresh water tank you will love this Marco rock and so will your wet pets. It is highly porous and beautifully shaped.

Marco Rocks Key Largo is a natural rock that is harvested on land from an extinct reef system buried when the Florida land mass was formed.

Our Key Largo Marco Rock is a "green" product, because it is not harvested from a marine environment it has no negative impact on our delicate reef or marine ecosystem.

Combine this with our unique cleaning and processing and you get great looking rock, totally pest and organic free that's also environmentally friendly.

MarcoRocks is the choice of many public aquariums, aquaculture facilities and custom tank builders all over the world. Make us your first choice as well you will not be disappointed.


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