Honey ryder acropora 1

Honey ryder acropora 1

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This acropora coral was imported from Indonesia. It has never come into Coral Passion before, because it is such a rarity we've decided to frag the parent colony, into these mini colony sized examples to get more of this coral out there, into serious collectors aquariums. This will hopefully mean this example gets a strong foothold in captivity and should soon become more widely circulated with reduced risk of it disappearing from the hobby. 

This is a WYSIWYG coral (what you see is what you get), meaning it is a photo of the actual coral.

Held at Coral Passion, also available for collection in store.  

This picture was taken under Reef Factory, Reef Flare Pro LEDs.

Approximate size (width x length): 5cm 4x cm 

Care level: Moderate to difficult 

Flow: medium to high

Lighting: Medium to high 

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