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Cooling Fan Aquarium Energy-Saver (not a stock item, delivery usually fulfilled within 5 working days).

Efficient Cooling Technology

• allows average energy savings of 30%* if installed together with the TECO refrigeration unit.
• the cost is amortized quickly and economic benefits are immediate.
• reduces the time necessary to reach the desired temperature.
• optional independent installation: 1-5°C* decrease in temperature.

Easy In-line Installation

• no need for specialised technicians.
• can be applied to either the aquarium or the sump.

Digital Thermostat

• three levels of increased efficiency.
• setting of desired temperature with resolution of 0.1°C.
• water level monitor.
• visualization of the temperature in either °C or °F.
• remote control.

Efficient Design

• innovative design.
• maximum safety: 12VDC power supply.
• directable air flow.
• unit shut-down for minimum water level.
• unit shut-down alarm.
• improve the water oxygenation.

*Data can change according to the humidity, room temperature etc.

Technical Details
Supply - 12Vdc / 0,8A
Transformer - 230V-50Hz (others supplies available on quantity)
Power Consumption - 8 w
Tank Size - up to 500 lt if installed together with a TECO chiller
up to 100 lt in case of independent installation
(the data can change according to the humidity, room temp. etc.)
Dimensions - 130 x 220 x 200 (h) mm
Weight - 0.5 kg