ATB Kalk stirrer - small available at Coral Passion, Essex

ATB Kalk Stirrer - Small

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ATB Kalkstirrer is a device suitable for replenishing your system with calcium-enriched water or any other additives. The water is fed from the osmosis or storage tank to the mixer and is enriched with the desired additives with well-defined mixing. The design of the mixer is suitable for connection to any automatic refilling system (Niveaumat, Grotech, Jebao, etc.). By adding this inclusion to the system, you ensure optimal mixing and a precisely defined distribution of substances that are otherwise subject to sedimentation and their replenishment is very demanding, and usually can only be done manually.


Technical parameters

Output: 5L / hour

Volume: 4 L

Weight: 1.2 kg

Connection: standard 220V plug, safe transformer voltage 12V

Dimensions (mm): 155 x 155 x 490 (W x D x H)