Aiptasia Solution available at Coral Passion in Essex

Aiptasia Solution

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AquaVision Aquatics protect your precious corals from stinging Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Fast-acting Aiptasia Solution is a reef- and marine-safe product that works quickly to treat undesirable Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Easy-to-apply solution often yields results within minutes of application. Will not alter aquarium chemistry. 1.0 ml syringe applicator included for convenient treatment of Aiptasia. Resume usage of recirculation pumps, power heads and protein skimmers after use. 0.68 oz (20 ml). Approximately 200 applications.

Important: Shake the product thoroughly before using.Turn off all recirculation pumps, power heads and protein skimmers. Withdraw one cc/ml of Aiptasia Solution using the enclosed applicator. Gently place the applicator over the mouth of the Aiptasia without disturbing it. Apply 0.10 cc of Aiptasia Solution onto the oral disc of the Aiptasia. After 30 minutes, resume usage of recirculation pumps, power heads and protein skimmers. If results are not visible within 30 minutes, wait 24 hours and repeat.

This product is not intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, contact a physician or poison control center immediately.