Meet the team

Tony Brazao – Managing Director

Tony has been keeping fish since he was 6 years old. Having previously been a Company Director in aquatic wholesale, in 2014 he founded Coral Passion. Since this date the business has grown steadily year on year, primarily due to giving customers sound advice, supplying very high quality livestock and the best proven products.





Martin Abbott – Advanced aquatic adviser


Martin has been keeping fish for decades, he is a highly regarded expert reef-keeper.  His vast marine experience and pragmatic attitude, coupled with his willingness to impart this wealth of knowledge, make him a valuable asset to both the business and customers.






Luke Johnson – Aquatic technician & retail assistant 


Luke joined Coral Passion in 2017, he has excellent skills regularly performing tank maintenance and plumbing installations, having worked on various commercial projects during his appointment. He is also very good with various day to day livestock handling, acclimation of newly imported animals and is a great all round team member.





Ian Leff – Aquatic service technician 


Ian has been appointed to primarily focus on servicing and maintaining the aquatic equipment and livestock holding aquariums.  Ian is also a keen marine aquarist and he is very diligent by nature.