Aquarium maintenance



We also offer aquarium maintenance.  From simple fish tanks, to the management of a stony-coral (Scleractinia) reef systems.

We provide this service to various sectors; education, hotel/hospitality, businesses and also private individuals.

Water testing, equipment overhauls and various other tasks.

Charge rate is from £55 per hour (Ex VAT) whilst on site and traveling to and from the client. Charge rate is per person. Parking, tolls, congestion charge and all other incurred costs is also billed to the client.

Moving house? Tank moves start at £400 for a very small tank requiring two men, larger tanks requiring trolleys and teams of men will naturally attract a higher fee.

Accommodation and meals will be charged to the client, where applicable (for projects more than 40 miles away from our address and requiring several consecutive days work).

*City of London from £110 per hour (Ex VAT) charge rate. POA for other Cities.