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3-March-2014:  Coralpassion.co.uk is opening up a commercial premises, between Rayleigh and Chelmsford, in Rettenden .  The aim is to source and supply very high quality corals and, farm corals in house, in a custom made aquaculture facility.  The main focus of the business will be corals, corals and more corals, there will be a small selection of dry goods on offer too.  I’m also going to set up a display aquarium, hopefully this will grow some nice parent coral colonies which will produce frags for the farm.  Watch this space, check back regularly and I will update once I have more news.  The estimated date for opening will be around late spring or early summer 2014.

Here’s a small video update of the shop 8 May 2013:

Coral passion is owned and run by Tony Brazao, who frequently posts on various internet forums under the username Tony B.

Here’s a video of Tony’s old 5ft tank, taken shortly before the stock was moved into his 9ft tank, video was shot by Gary from Marinemad.com

Here’s another video of Tony’s current 9ft tank shot with a Samsung mobile phone

As time goes on, various other contributors will add information and share their knowledge.

We aim to provide very accurate data and methods of animal husbandry, that is proven, tried and tested. This website, like so many things in life, will keep changing and, hopefully keep on improving too! Coralpassion.co.uk will continue to provide honest and accurate information on how to best care for these wonderful sensitive animals.  We believe that sharing knowledge not only makes the experience of reefkeeping more enjoyable, it also advances the hobby and reduces risk of livestock losses.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Happy reefing…

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